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All Good

Why we choose to carry All Good

When it comes to choosing a product that is purely good, you cannot go wrong with choosing an All Good product!

It all started when founder, Caroline, had a vision about a product that would contain nature’s power to heal, after working emergency on an ambulance. Herself being an outdoor person, she knew the many risks one could encounter in nature. She then went on to the farm she lived and created the All Good healing balm that she herself used while rock climbing and farming. For many years, Caroline gave her balms to friends and family until came time she realized it was time to share with the World! However, Caroline decided to not be like any business and brings only good to earth as it does for human beings.

The company is in fact cruelty free, GMO free and is pro recycling as their packaging,  shipping and printing materials are all recycled. On top of that All Good uses solar power for all their facilities!

Now don’t you just love it when everything from a company is… All Good?;)


For more information visit the website here.



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