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Bio Seaweed Gel

Bio Seaweed Gel product collection

bio seaweed gel cruelty free vegan no sanding 5 min

Why we chose to carry Bio Seaweed Gel

Bio Seaweed Gel Liminited is a proud authentic North American brand, the company has always inspired and geared toward healthier nail products at professional quality.

They are a big-five free gel brand, there is no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents in their formula. This means there is zero dehydration, staining or weakening of the natural nails. Designed for weeks of chip-free, high shine wear their product is conveniently LED/UV/SOLAR cured.

It is safe for all ages and even during pregnancy. In addition to the user-friendly ingredients, Bio Seaweed Gel does not require any sanding or drilling of the natural nails and does not have any fumes or odors—another bonus for a healthier nail experience.

Their mission is healthy, natural, nails with zero dehydration, staining or weakening effects and an industry record 5 min soak-off removal.

For more information visit the company's website here.


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