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Desert Essence


Why we choose to carry Desert Essence

We chose to carry Dessert Essence because of the brand goes above and beyond for its products, customers and the environment. Their motto “Beauty is natural, and Nature is beautiful” resonates with us.

Founded in 1978, Dessert Essence strives to make products derived from Mother Nature since she has nurtured us since the beginning of time. Yet, the brand remains conscious of the limited resources left and are committed to use them responsibly and nurture the planet back for all it has done for us. The brand is proud to say is it a certified B-Corp Corporation, therefore meet the highest type of standard when it comes to environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

Finally, Desert Essence was the first brand to ever introduce Australian tea tree oil in the US, and since then the brand have dabbled in many other natural and beneficial ingredients that they now use in their organic beauty care products; perfect to fit the lifestyle of any health-conscious consumer.



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