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About us


Who are we?

 Camomile Beauty was founded in Montreal, Canada by a team of passionate women who dream of ending animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry one step at a time. We are an online cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare retailer which carefully selects ethical, environment friendly brands at all price points in order to make it easier for our customers to buy consciously. Our goal is simple: we want to help you make the switch to a fully green and cruelty-free lifestyle, starting right in your Make-up bag!


What does Camomile Beauty mean?

 The Camomile (also spelled Chamomile) is a very simple looking, daisy-like flower. We believe that beauty can also take form of simplicity. And yet, underneath its look, the flowers packs with all the healing and soothing properties. Just like that, the true beauty always comes from within.  At Camomile Beauty, we believe that less is more: less cruelty, less harmful chemicals, and less pollution for more beauty, more health and more empathy. That is the nature of “Camomile Beauty”: a beauty which goes far deeper than skin, and which inspires compassion, trust, authenticity and above all, healing...


The problem

If you’re anything like us, whether you’re a pet-lover or not, you probably cannot stand that innocent living creatures be treated cruelly. Unfortunately, many of us frequently purchase products tested on animals without even realizing it, encouraging such inhumane practices to continue with money coming from our own pockets.

Figuring out which brands do or do not carry cruel experiments on animals can often prove to be a headache in the sea of cosmetics and skincare products on the market, let alone the quality options. 


Our solution


That is why we set out on a mission to create a purely cruelty-free cosmetics store which offers a large selection of carefully-picked cruelty-free brands so that you can shop freely with a clear conscience.  Join us to stop animal cruelty : stop supporting brands which carry cruel experiments on animals, and stop supporting any business that benefits from this practice. Spread the words and let's the revolution begin!



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