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Abeauty product collection
Abeauty vegan cruelty free organic locally derma tologically tested
Why we chose to carry Abeauty
Everything starts from a family wine shop in Spello in the green heart of Italy. In this ancient village, the founder learned to appreciate the beauty in all its forms, which led to creating a beauty line with the raw materials of these enchanting places.
They manufacture a high-quality cosmetic lines with functional ingredients that come exclusively from their region and neighboring areas. They are always looking for the best raw materials that nature has to offer us, to create recipes rich in actives to solve the most common skin problems.
By being a cosmetic line 100 % Organic fully certified ICEA, they create sustainable products from the environmental point of view.They chose to be organic to protect biodiversity, not to pollute and to protect ecosystems trying to maintain the delicate balance of our planet.
This is the Abeauty’s difference, products hand-made by Nature.
For more information visit the company's website here.




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