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Wren Natural

Why we choose to carry Wren Natural

We go above and beyond for our children and so should we for own skin.

Founder and CEO, Danielle Brabson, started her healthy journey for her son who was diagnosed with asthma. As her son was struggling with his medication, Danielle understood that healthier alternatives were the only solutions. In a matter of 6 months, Danielle and her family changed everything about their diet to opt for the better lifestyle… healthy and natural. Once that was done, Danielle went a step further and started looking at healthier options for body products. Desperate with the mysterious unpronounceable ingredients found in those products, this caring mother took matter in her own hands.

After long research, Danielle dabbled in ingredients in which she truly trusted and started making her own body products such as deodorant. Fifty different variants later, Danielle found the one mixture she believed in. With the surprising positive feedbacks from relatives and friends that tested her deodorant, Danielle decided to share her secret with the world and that is when Wren Naturals began! Now the brand serves many that desire not only better products but natural products.

Mothers know best and this is why in Wren Naturals we trust!


For more information visit the website here.




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