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Clef des Champs

Why we chose to carry Clef des Champs 

At Camomile Beauty, we believe that brand values are as crucial as the ingredients present in the products. This is why we are proud to be affiliated with a kind brand such as Clef des Champs. Since 1978, the company has been treating Mother Nature with love, compassion and utterly respect for all it has provided. 

Founder, Marie Provost, began the journey in her kitchen, motivated by nothing more than her love for nature and deep passion for medicinal plants. Quickly, she shared her passion with other gardeners and herbalists; creating quite a jolly team!  Together, they cultivate, harvest, transform, bottle and distribute the medicinal plants, herbs, teas and spices, all certified organic. Loving working together, all members proudly share the same work ethics and values. Respect for people, Respect for the earthSocially responsibility and Belief in the power of plants. In order to ensure that each value is truly respected, the brand takes responsible steps such as implementing salary policies and afe working conditions, recycling and using recycled goods and finally giving back to others by collection others’ organic waste and organizing ecological projects.  

In other words, the brand goes above and beyond for their products, the workers and Mother Nature, what is there not to love? 



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