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Seaweed Bath Co.

Seaweed Bath Co. collection 


Why we choose to carry Seaweed Bath Co.

When one is to think of the ocean, a sensation of well-being and calmness takes over. This is the same feeling, Allison, founder of Seaweed Bath Co., wants to give her customers to feel after using her products knowing that they will benefit hair and skin as the ocean does.

In fact, it all began once Allison’s discovered that her husband has sensitive skin. She began her search of natural alternative option to help her dear loved one. She quickly noticed the improvement once her husband started bathing with bagged seaweed. She than got curious and tried it herself on her “normal” skin and saw such difference in hydration and smoothness. She couldn’t believe all the benefits a simple bath could provide and then asked family and friends to try it out. The feedback was extraordinary, and that was in fact, the kick start of Seaweed Bath Co.

Since then, the company took it upon themselves to travel to the Northern Atlantic Ocean to hand harvest and cut the seaweed they collect. They, then, let them dry in the sun, until they are ready to be bagged or mixed with other amazing ingredients such as sea salt and essential oils to create the most nourishing products for its customers.

 For more information visit the company's website here.



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