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LaVigne organic skincare

LaVigne main ingredients and values
Why we chose to carry LaVigne?

Professionally formulated with the best of science and nature and the highest quality plant based ingredients, LaVigne Naturals Skincare is entirely dedicated to making beneficial, natural products that can heal, nourish and protect skin against environmental stressers. By eliminating parabens and harsh chemicals that can damage skin and interfere with the skin's natural healing cycle, LaVigne is offering a product line that is meant to help your skin regenerate and rebuild its protective and self healing barrier.

Featured is the ingredient Tepezcohuite as the primary healing and regenerative agent. Derived from the Bark of Mexico's skin tree, this non-toxic organic ingredient was used by Mayans for more than ten centuries as an anti-aging skincare product and is packed with impressive skincare benefits with a wide range of uses and skin fixes. Its powder has been used by the Red Cross to treat burns and has been hailed for its antimicrobial, analgesic and cellular regeneration properties. It is hailed for its anti aging abilities and healing of blemishes and scarring while comforting and rescuing dry and damaged skin.

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