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Check out currency in CAD _ Quebec & Ontario free-ship for orders $79.99+ _ other Canadian regions free-ship for orders $99.99+ _ Free US shipping for orders $250




Product safety

While the brands we carry use safe and natural ingredients, we cannot guarantee that all products will be suited for you. Please read the ingredients, descriptions, warnings and directions carefully before placing your orders. We are unable to assume any responsibilities for any usage that is not recommended by the manufacturer. If you have further questions on any specific products, please send us an email, we are happy to help you pick the right products.

If you use the filter menu to select the best product for your skin type, please note that despite some products being tagged suitable for "All skin types", we urge you to still read the warning and descriptions of the products of that category, as there might be exceptions. Our customers' safety and satisfaction are our main priority.


Color swatch accuracy

Despite the fact that we try our best to present you with the most accurate shade and color swatches, many factors such as lighting and device settings can unfortunately alter the color preview. Thus, please note that the colors shown on our website could be somewhat different from the real-life ones.


Out-of-stock orders

We allow for our customers to order products which are currently out of stock.
However, please note that:

If some of the items - but not all - in your cart are currently out of stock, we will not ship your in-stock items and out-of-stock items separately: the entirety of your order will always be shipped to you in one go. Unfortunately, while we may contact our suppliers immediately, it may still take a couple of weeks to restock. Therefore, if you want your order to arrive fast, please do not order out-of-stock items until they become available again. Instead, you can subscribe to be notified when the products are in stock again. 

If a product is discontinued or must shipped to us from outside of Canada, we might contact you to notify that the item is no longer available or that the waiting time may increase. Please look out for our notification emails and inform us of your decision then. We will happily guide you through this process and ensure that you are happy with our service.


Filter menu discrepacies

While we do our absolute best to create a filter menu which will make your shopping experience that much more easy and enjoyable, please note that we may miss some products in the process. We are always actively working to improve the quality of our search and filter results, but in the mean time, we are open to any questions and comments from our customers. Simply contact us here.



Processing orders

Even though we are trying to process your orders as soon as we can, it will take us from 1-3 business days to ship.

However, during holiday seasons or special occasions, it may take from 3-15 business days.

For back orders, it does take more time. Back orders are for items that we are out of stock and have to order from the manufactures, sometimes outside Canada, it will take 2-4 weeks to ship out. Even though we are trying to process your orders as soon as we can, it will take us from 1-3 business days to ship.


Shipping/delivery policies

Domestic shipping

We use multiple carriers such as Purolator, Canpar, Fedex, USP and Canada Post.

*Please note that estimated delivery time also depends on destination. Some destinations may require more time to arrive.

  *All orders with Interact Paymetnt Method while paying with credit card or Paypal will be VOID/CANCELED after reviewed by our team.


International shipping

Depend on the destination, we work with carriers around the world to find the best ones to make sure that the shipment arrive safely.

Please note that the shipping fee does NOT include import and custom fees; all of these fees should be paid by customers, and will be collected by the carriers at the time of delivery.  

All international shipments are with tracking numbers, in order to protect your merchandises.

With purchases over $200 CAD, we offer Free international shipping depend on the regions and order amount:

The Standard shipping will take from 1-3 months to arrive, depend on the destination.


Interact Payment

If you want to make payment via Interact, please choose one shipping method that makes your shipping fee to zero (0). It is either standard or expedited or pick-up point.

 **Please note that the general shipping policies still applies to you, this method is just to help you avoid checking out by credit card. When we send you the real invoice for interact transfer, the shipping fee will be based on your subtotal amount, and on the general shipping policies listed above.


 Montreal in-store Pick-up

The pick-up location in Montreal is our store front.

The address: 7088A St-Denis street, Montreal H2S 2S4

Pick-up hours: varies according to the months, we will send you an email for Pick-up hours.




If you are unsatisfied with any products that you have ordered, we gladly to take them back. For a full refund, the products must be unused, brand-new in the manufacture box.

For very gently used products, depending on the condition of the returned items, we will provide you with store credit from 60% - 90% of the original price plus tax.

Unfortunately, we do not accept return of mini size, travel size or samples of products.

For cancelled orders before delivery, we will refund you a full amount minus 5% of credit card and platform fees.

To learn more, simple visit our Return/Refund Policy page.

To return, simple go to our Return Center page and key in relevant informations.

** Please note: all refunds are in form of Camomile store credit.



Standard payment methods

We accept these types of payment methods:

    • Visa credit card
    • Master credit card
    • Discover credit card
    • American Express
    • Paypal
    • Interact payment (see below)


Interact transfer - pilot program

In an effort to give our customers more payment options, we are launching the new payment program.If you dont want to pay from your credit/debit card but prefer Interact payment, please follow these steps:

Step 1on the Shopping Cart page, type in special instructions:- shipping method: standard, expedited or pick-up options- Any discount that you want to apply- other customized information

Step 2: follow normal process until you get to the shipping method page, dont forget to put in your PHONE NUMBER, choose Our pick-up point shipping option and click Continue

This option will temporarily bring the shipping fee into zero.

Note: the shipping is not free, except for certain amount purchase as described in the shipping policies.

The shipping fee will be adjust again, based on specified instruction in step 1, to reflect the right amount once we send you the confirmation email.

 Step 3: in the final credit card informaton, use discount code: Interactpay. This way, the amount will come down to zero (0).

Step 4: click COMPLETE ORDER  in the bottom of the page  

An Order confirmaiton email will sent to you to confirm the items that you purchase

Step 5We will send you another email with actual invoice and information for you to complete your order via interact

In that email, you will find all the information:

    • actual amount for your orde
    • actual shipping rate
    • email to send money to
    • security question
    • answer
    • message to recipient

Please use these information to complete the e-transfer.

Step 6: after we receive the transfer, we will send you another Payment Receipt email. Then your order is considered complete.


***Until we confirm you in step 5, all orders completed at Step 4 wont be shipped out to you and these items wont be reserved under your name. We only process and reserve orders that are completely PAID in FULL

 ***After 10  days we have not received your Interact Payment, the orders you placed will automatically be VOID/Canceled

 ***Please do not send money to our email before you receive the actual invoice (step 5) from us. 

 ***In some case, to ensure security, our team may call you to verify your information. SO YOUR PHONE NUMBER IS MANDATORY FOR INTERACT PAYMENT.

 ***We dont open interact payment as attachement from personal emails. Interact etransfer emails must be sent DIRECTLY by one of these banks: Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, RBC bank, CIBC, TD bank, Laurentian bank, National Bank of Canada, Des Jardins, First Nations bank, BDC, Bridgewater bank,

 ***We will adjust the shipping rate and apply discount deals for you if you specify the discount quote you want to apply in the instruction box. If you don't mention the code in the Instruction box, we wont be able to apply the special code that you have.




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