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Purely Great

Why we choose to carry Purely Great

Here in Camomile Beauty, we believe that passion is everything and this is what we see from Debbie, founder of Purely Great.

Debbie used to dabble in everything, from senior’s fitness to reflexology... Yet, it was only after a visit in a bazaar and coming across a natural deodorant, that Debbie found her true calling. Once face to face with a product made of only good and pure ingredients, she became a fan and knew she could only continue in the same path. She even went as far and starting a tribe of natural deodorant users and taking on a workshop on how to make them. Years later, she finally perfected her formulas, opened a lab and even dragged her husband in the business who now can’t get enough of it either.

As a family, they now serve thousands of customers across the world and they are proud to do so with their gluten free, GMO free and vegan products!

Don’t we just love it when love gets involved!


For more information visit the website here.



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