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Why we chose to carry Routine

Formerly smelly sisters to fresh-smelling business partners, Pippa and Neige, started Routine as a journey to battle their natural body musk. 

Unable to find store deodorants that helped, Neige desperately began dabbling in homemade formulas. Finally satisfied with her results, she went on by sharing her find with her family and friends. The responses she received were more than pleasing which led Neige to approach her business-oriented sister, Pippa, for an opportunity. The rest is now history as the pair joined forces and now provide deodorants for all fellow individuals battling with smelly armpits! 

All their products contain ingredients that are anti-bacterial in nature and are completely purposeful (not fillers added!). Furthermore, the sisters insist that their ingredients can only be as natural, beautiful and wholesome as their users; ingredients such as essential oils, charcoal, shea butter, coco and beeswax. 



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