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Enfleurage Organic

Why we choose to carry Enfleurage Organics

When it comes to passion, nothing beats handcrafted products as one takes all its efforts and love and dedicates it to the masterpiece they are creating. This is exactly why we chose to carry Enfleurage as Colleen Lowe, Aromatherapist, uses her expertise and devotion to formulate each product. With her background in Aromatic Kinesiology, Colleen understands how indispensable essential oils are to one’s body. Her knowledge allowed her to pick exactly the right ingredients for the right product! In fact, Colleen refuses to put anything but the cleanest and best ingredients in her handcrafted products such as certified essential oils: ethically sourced and fair trade.

Enfleurage Organics really put their heart and soul (and hands!) in their products and this is why you will love them!


For more information visit the company's website here.



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