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Soap Works

Why we choose to carry The Soap Works

 Sensitive skin can often be quite hard to deal with but that shouldn’t stop anyone. It’s exactly why Mike and Bob started The Soap Works. Both suffering from sensitive skin, they were eager to find a soap that would bring them relief and comfort, which they certainly couldn’t find in mass market soaps.

Made in mill process, Soap Works’ soaps are formed with hot process and then followed with cold process, allowing all-natural ingredients to remain untouched so the skin receives all the benefits possible. Taking the matter in their own hands, Mike and Bob also decided that they would treat the planet the same way they treat their skin, delicately. The company uses bare minimum packaging and even the smallest barcode label available which adheres to the soap and is printed with vegetable-based ink.

Wash your sensitive skin and clean Mother Nature in one rinse with The Soap Works!

  For more information visit the website here.



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