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Peas In A Pod

Peas in a Pod collection

Why we choose to carry Peas In A Pod

Peas In A Pod is a branch specialized for you, your littles ones and both of your well-being.

Being a division of All Things Jills™, we carry this brand as its founder shares the same passion as us when it comes to natural and rich body care.

It all started as a hobby but finished as a lifestyle. Jill simply fell in love with the way ingredients came together and made a unique product. Therefore, she decided to turn what started as Christmas gifts into a real store for and where people, just like her, believe in the benefits of natural ingredients.

If the result are to be great, the ingredients must be equally great and this is why, the company uses only what Mother Nature has to offer as she is best to soothe, calm and revive. In fact, the employees travel around the World to collect only the best organic oils, salts, butters, herbs and clays as they want to offer the best products to their customers.

Not only do they want to provide what is best when it comes to body care, but All Things Jill goes beyond. The company pledges to conduct itself in an environmental manner, emphasizing reuse and recycling, the use of natural and organic ingredients, and the application of appropriate technology.

Choosing to carry this brand was easy! Just like taking candy from a baby!


For more information visit the website here.



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