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Les Produits de Maya

Why we choose to carry Les Produits de MaYa

Parents, Marie and Yannick (hence… MaYa) were always very prone to using natural products but once their little miracles came to life, the pair know it was time to go above and beyond since now it wasn’t just about them. Les Produits de MaYa is a true insight on how far parents will go for their kids. After hearing about oleo-calcareous ointment and seeing the miracles it did for their first born’s rashes and irritations. The couple made their own ointment and even used it as soon as their second born saw life! Since then, they shared their little secret with friend who loved it just as much and couldn’t keep it a secret much longer… and Les Produits de MaYa came to life!

For more information visit the website here.



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