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Thayer's Company

Why we choose to carry Thayers

Thayers is one of the rare brands whose story is as grand as its products.

It all began after Henry Thayers received the degree of M.D. After practicing medicine for a little and opening his own drug store, Henry went on to opening the famed Henry Thayer & Company in 1847.  His goal was to perfect the technique of evaporating in vacuum to prepare extracts in concentrated form and once his experiment was successful, Henry began manufacturing fluid extracts. This became so revolutionary during the time of the Civil War, that the government approached Dr.Thayers so he would be the main supply source of hospital supplies. In fact, Henry Thayer & Company even became the biggest supplier of pharmaceuticals in America.

Over time, Dr. Thayer continued to produce his line of herbal extracts, from infusions to wines. However, one particular extract caught the attention of many… Witch Hazel extract. The plant’s medical benefits made it the brand’s hero ingredient and till this day it can be found in Thayers’ soaps, facial mists and many more of their incredible products.

170 years of a beautiful story and amazing natural products!


For more information visit the website here.




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