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  • Divine Essence - Hydroxol - Everlasting (Immortelle)

Hydroxol - Everlasting (Immortelle)

  • Divine Essence

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    Product Description

    An ornamental plant that flourishes in the arid soil of the sunny Mediterranean basin, Helichrysum won its common name of Everlasting because its flowers never fade even when cut or dried.

    From the Greek, helios, meaning “sun,”and chrysos, meaning “golden,” Everlasting lives up to its other best-known name, Immortelle. Everlasting (Immortelle) floral water (aka hydrosol) is a regenerative and anti-aging beauty toner.

    Prevents wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and radiance.

    For all skin types, even irritated skin.

    Shake well before use. Spray onto face and body morning and night. Allow skin to dry after use. Ideal before makeup application and after makeup removal. Do not spray into eyes.

    Usage: Regenerative and anti-aging beauty tonic. Prevents wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and radiance.


    Product Ingredients:

    Hélichrysum italicum flower water*, Lavandula angustifolia Oil*, Polyepsilonlysine (Natural preservative), Aqua, Lactic acid. 100% of total in ingredients are from natural origin. *99.4% of total ingredients are from Organic farming.



    Aromatherapy is founded on artisanal wisdom and solid science. It’s our passion. Producers and importers of more than 200 essential oils of superior grade, virtually all Divine Essence® essential oils are certified organic by Ecocert. We are recognized for our state-of-the-art research and development by government agencies—recognition that attests to the therapeutic value of Divine Essence® products: 100% natural remedies for the ills of the age and beyond.

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