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  • Yum Skincare - Green Coffee Berry Anti-Oxidant Serum

Green Coffee Berry Anti-Oxidant Serum

  • Yum Skincare

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    Product Description:

    Stimulate cellular vibrancy and elasticity with this transformative anti-aging Serum that nourishes collagen and elastin. Bio-sourced Epidermal Growth Factors, Green Coffee Berry Lipactive and Kombuchka fermentation nourish and protect the skin with powerful anti-aging actives. This multi-peptide serum is an outstanding addition to any skin care regimen seeking to enhance cohesion and connectivity, essential components of natural resilience.


    Product Ingredients:



    About Ÿum Skincare

    Every Yüm product is crafted with skilled precision - uniting the optimum balance of beneficial active ingredients with exceptional functionality. But Yüm is more than a skincare line it's a philosophy that encourages fulfillment of potential and healthy more balanced living. The brand acknowledges the mind body connection and its importance to overall health but also its effect on the choices the company makes in the creation and production of its products. It’s different kind of skin care company which’s goals exceed simply making the best skincare products. They actively volunteer their time and resources to activities that promote health and wellness for people from all walks of life. Yüm is skincare with a conscience.

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