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  • Kariderm-Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin Oil

  • Kariderm

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    Product Description

    African Essentials Organic Black Cumin Oil is a moisturizing therapeutic oil with a light texture and a wide range of applications since it contains more than a hundred active constituents that impact both the immune system and skin disorders.

    Instructions: Regarded as a truly universal remedy since the Pharaohs era, Black Cumin Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa herb grown by small Egyptian producers. Rich in essential fatty acids, essential oils and trace elements, African Essentials Black Cumin Oil helps reinforce our natural defences and fight inflammation and skin irritations and parasites. Can be used pure in gentle massage or blended with another quality vegetable oil or with selected essential oils added.


    Product Ingredients:

    Nigella sativa 


    About Karidem

    Manufactured by Flash Beauté Inc, Karidem is a leading brand in the domain of natural personal care products made with shea butter. Located in Quebec, the brand is proudly associated with  the Songtaaba Association, a women cooperative for shea butter producers; allowing fair trade between Canada and Africa. All Karidem products are made with the highest quality shea butter while maintaining the highest standards for the working condition, the income and the self-development of all the female workers in the plantation.   

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