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Good hair day, every day? Yes, please!

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Sofia, Camomile Beauty Representative

Till this day, many are surprised to learn that their long locks serve quite an important purpose as the heating and cooling system for their head. That being said, hair is regarded as much more than its practical function. In fact, we can go as far as to say that our hair is the extension of who we are. From confidence to personal style. . Our hair portrays every statement we ever made; whether it was the “I am no longer a child” haircut or the “I am so over him” color change. In fact, our drastic hair changes often result after we have taken on a new chapter in our lives!  Certainly, these changes also bring feelings of confidence and empowerment as they make us feel like a brand new “me” and prove that we finally had the guts to try something unexpected! Who would’ve thought that hair had so much power?

Given the importance we give to our hair, there is no doubt that we should treat it accordingly. Indeed a nice color and cut can do the trick, yet a luscious and shiny head of hair just adds the necessary umpf! How do we do so? By using good products and the right amount! What are good products, you ask? It may come as no surprise but the best products are the ones whose ingredient lists aren’t made of unpronounceable chemicals. Putting aside that hairs are not living beings, they still require proper nutrition that can only come from fresh and natural ingredients! In other words, if you want your hair to look alive and healthy, you simply need to treat/feed it accordingly!



Not convinced on the why it is better to switch to natural products for your hair and scalp? Here are some reasons:

Artificial products often contain chemicals that seem to eliminate grease, yet their fast –working formulas bring more harm than we might believe. These chemicals can dry out your scalp, cause irritation/rashes and are too harsh on your hair follicles (: that is the part of your skin that grows hair). Keep in mind that damaged hair follicles can take up to 4 years to regrow!  To top it off, other chemicals are added to portray a pleasant fragrance that itself can lead to headaches after long periods of exposure. Unpleasant side effects, right? It is fair to say that artificial shampoos and conditioners aren’t bringing us the result we want for our hair.

On the other hand, natural variants not only avoid all this harm but actually prevent unwanted effects. Natural options are known to actually strengthen hair and hair follicles; therefore reducing baldness and thickening our long mane. Furthermore, natural ingredients contain antioxidants that eliminate chemicals meet through the day; leaving your hair clean and soft just the way you like!


The switch isn’t just beneficial but so easy! There are a ton of excellent products and amazing brands that truly have at heart the wellbeing of your hair. From shampoos to styling balms, you will have no difficulty finding the right products for you and your luscious mane. Here are just a few must-have products we carry:


  • Phillip Adams’ Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner

This combination is the absolute Holy Grail in terms of shampoo and conditioner due to the dedication to quality of the founder.  Being himself a hairdresser, Philip wanted more from the products he used.  He took the matter in his own hands and incorporated apple cider vinegar for its praise towards hair care. Finally, with his extreme passion and years of experience, we can now say Phillip Adam outdid any salon product!



  • North American Hemp’s Deep Hair Treatment Oil

It may come as no surprise but heat and coloring can cause quite the damage to our hair! Nonetheless, there are a few ingredients can make fried hair to come back to life; and North American Hemp have perfected just the right formula! Made from certified organic Canadian hemp seed, olive and coconut oils and rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acid, this products seals split ends and smoothes any uncontrollable texture! Perfect for any type of hair that just needs a bit of help!



  • Earth Science’s Olive & Avocado DC Hair Masque


Does your hair miss its shine and bounce? Gain it all back with Earth Science’s hair mask! This mask can help revert any problematic hair while leaving it smooth and silky. Made from natural protein, it penetrates and coats every hair strings with the appropriate nutriments for ever-lasting effects. To top it off, it can also be doubled as a weekly moisturizing treatment!



  • Andalou Naturals’ Detangling Spray - Marula Oil

Curly and coarse hair can be quite a challenge; but it doesn’t have to be. A few sprays from Andalou’s Detangler and you can say bye-bye to frizz and hello to sleek and smooth hair! The spray can be applied to both damp hair and dry hair for different purposes. Use on damp hair to detangle any knots and apply to dry hair to revive and bounce curls!


  • Nature Nut’s Styling & Moisturizing Cream for Dry & Damaged Hair

Is your hair in need of more than just a good conditioner? Add The Styling and Moisturizing Cream from Nature Nut to your routine! Formulated for dry and damaged hair, this cream gives the extra boost of hydration needed.  Colored and textured hair can’t get enough of this miracle cream!



  • Giovanni Cosmetics’ D:Tox Deep Conditioning Mask

Lastly, the cherry on top: Giovanni’s D:tox Hair Mask. The perfect go to during a self-care night! Made with Activated Charcoal and Volcanic Ash, this mask removes all impurities and protects your hair from all the damages. Furthermore, while your hair basks in this concoction; the other nourishing ingredients activate such as Acai berries, Goji berries, Vitamin E and Apple Cider Vinegar. It only takes ten minutes and then…smooth and soft hair for the weeks to come!



Finally let’s talk about size because in the hair world… sizes do matter! Whether it is about the inches we are cutting off or the amount of product we are using. Indeed, we want to make sure our hair doesn’t lack the needed ingredients, yet we also don’t want to drown our head of hair in products if it isn’t necessary.

Here we have made the list of all the perfect quantities to squeeze in your palm for each hair product:

Shampoo: the size of 1 or 2 grapes
Conditioner:  the size of two marbles
Leave-in conditioner: the size of a marble         
Styling balm: the size of a nickel
Serum: 1 or 2 pumps
Mousse: the size of a golf ball
Mask:  the size an avocado pit


Et voila! All the tips and tricks to make everyone go “ouh la la” when they see your hair! ;)

We hope you have enjoyed this segment. Until next time!


With Love and Positivity!


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