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Camomile Beauty - The blog — EU ban animal testing

Cruelty-Free (Part 2) - Moving away from animal testing & China's laws explained

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Written by Christina Storto on 2018/08/05

Blog - curelty free practices in beauty industry

Most prominent in the global plight to move away from animal testing is the European Union. After animal testing was first banned in Germany in 1986, and in the UK in 1998, a law was fully implemented across the EU in 2013 to make it illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, even if the testing was done outside Europe – an amazing achievement.

This sales ban made it clear that animal testing is wrong and – further – that profiting from this is immoral. Executives from cosmetics companies around the world now know that if they want to sell their products to the EU’s 500 million consumers, they need to take a hard look at their policies. The result has been a boom in investment in non-animal testing methods.

Not only would a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics products and ingredients help to protect millions of animals around the world, it would also revolutionize the beauty industry.

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