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Night Skin Detox

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Night time detox

Sofia, Camomile Beauty Representative  


Welcome back! 

Now that your day is finished and your face tackled everything that came its way; it is time to reward it with a nice and relaxing night routine. We give the night routine a lot of importance because we believe it is it the chance of some “me-time”. We juggle so much in one day between family, work and school, so why not reward ourselves with some pampering? And what better way then to apply our favourite products whose smell we can’t get enough! 

Before taking on any of the following steps, it will be important to start with a bare face. Yes, this means it is time to remove our beautifully winged eyeliner and our favourite nude lipstick!  We do, of course, recommend using natural makeup removers as others can be harsh on the face due to all the chemicals they contain. For our list of natural and efficient makeup removers, please consult this link 

**For a summarised version of our night detox please scroll to the bottom. 

**For any following product listed, simply click on their image to be redirect to their own link on our website!


PM routine:

STEP 1: Open and Release

Now, let's begin! Once our beautiful face is makeup-free, it is time to beginning our first step from our night routine; clean some more! 

As we saw in our morning routine, cleansing has many functions. As opposed to the morning, night time cleansing is to remove all harmful impurities accumulated throughout the day. However, just as morning cleansers, it is important to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type! For dry skin, we do recommend sticking to another hydrating cleanser; a cleanser rich with ingredients such as aloe, coconut oil and shea butter. Similarly, for oily skin we recommend going with a cleanser a bit more hydrating than the one used at morning since it is time to feed your skin the proper ingredients for an overnight “therapy”.  Combination skin can benefit from cleansers from previous skin types; therefore, it is up to preferences and trial. Here is a list to guide you towards the right cleanser for you: 


Cleansers for dry skin: 

1) Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser 


(Source: Mad Hippie) 


2) Nourish Organic Moiturizing Face Cleanser 


(Source: Women’s Blog Talk) 


3) Derma E Hydrating Cleanser 


(Source: Derma E) 


Cleansers for oily skin:

1) Omorfee Green Apple Cleansing Face Wash 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


2) Derma E Very Clear Cleanser 


(Source: Tokopedia) 


3) Ÿum Citrus Paradisi Cleanser 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


STEP 1 continued

Similarly, to the previous step seen, we can clean our face with the help of a good exfoliator. 

Therefore, instead of using a cleanser, you may get rid of the layer of impurities sitting on our face by exfoliating instead (please make sure to read the following note). Believe it or not every single day, we lose about 500 million skin cells; which means it also tends to accumulate and unfortunately clog pores which results in blackheads, whiteheads and acne! 

To avoid such a bad cycle, our first step will be to boil water over the stove or bring our faucet to its higher temperature. Once we see steam coming up from the hot water, we will place a towel over our head, in a tent like manner, to allow our face to absorb the steam for about 10 minutes.  Following, we will scrub our face with the adequate exfoliator for our skin.

For sensitive skin, it will be important to have a gentle exfoliator; you do not want to create any irritations, redness and scars. On the other hand, if you have skin prone to congestion and breakouts, in other words blackheads and acne, we recommend an exfoliator with bigger grains to make sure all wanted layers are removed properly. Observe below a list of exfoliators for sensitive and congested skin. 

Important note: Many tend to overdo exfoliation as they think it equals cleanser, however scrubbing our face every single day can have negative/reversed effect. Over-exfoliating can lead to cracks being created in your skin resulting in lack of hydration and serious irritation. This is why this step is to be taken between 1 to 3 times a week; we ask you to remain within the limit to see the wanted results. For better results, we recommend alternating between cleanser and exfoliator every other day. 


Exfoliators for sensitive skin: 

1) Andalou 1000 Roses Pearl Exfoliator 


(Source: Andalou) 


2) Ÿum Adzuki Blueberry Exfoliant 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


 Exfoliators for congested/acne prone skin:

 1) Alba Botanica Acnedote Face & Body Scrub 


(Source : Alba Botanica) 


2) Andalou Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub 


(Source: Pinterest) 


STEP 2: Purify

Now, that our face is finally completely free of any unwanted presence, it is time to close our pores and soak in some hydration with the help of a mask. This step can be quite fun because the choices are infinite. From clay to sheet and scents rose to strawberry; the types of masks are designed for to please anyone!

The greatest thing about masks is once you picked the right one for your skin; not only will it hydrate you but it will remove any excess of oil and reduce the appearance of your pores. One product, yet so many functions! Not forgetting, that they are so easy and quick; glowing skin with little effort! Check out our list below to choose the perfect mask for you.  

NOTE: Similarly, to exfoliation, you do not want to overdo it! We recommend applying your face mask the same nights you plan to exfoliate; therefore, only once to 3 times a week maximum! Using face masks daily could cause reverse effects such as sensitivity, swollenness, generating acne and loss of resistance towards foreign aggressions.  


Masks for dry skin:

1) Andalou Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask 


(Source: Andalou) 


 2) Ÿum Nori Mango Butter Masque 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


3) Andalou Instant Hydration Hydro Serum Facial Sheet Mask 


 (Source: Andalou)


Masks for oily skin:

1) Ÿum Red Earth Mineral Masque 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


2) Sukin Anti-Pollution Facial Masque 


(Source: Sukin) 



3) Dr Hauschka Clarifying Clay Mask 


(Source: Pinterest) 



STEP 3: Find your balance


As a result of our face is completely fresh and clean; it is time to prep it for proper hydration. How to do so? Simply by toning your face. With the help of a cotton pad, a reusable pad or your hands, gently swipe toner drops all over your face and neck. Toners are absolutely amazing when it comes to reducing the appearance of pores and rebalancing your skin to the right pH level. In fact, restoring an acidic pH level will allow your skin to be fully purified and properly absorb moisture from your serums and cream. P.s: toners can work wonders for acne prone skin. Check out our list of toners according to your skin type. 


Toners for dry skin:

1) Andalou 1000 Roses Floral Toner 


(Source: Andalou) 


2) Nourish Organic Refreshing & Balancing Face Toner 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


Toners for oily skin: 

1) Sukin Oil Balancing Clarifying Facial Toner 


(Source: Sukin)


2) Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner 


(Source: Andalou) 


STEP 4: Layer with Hydration 

Once balanced, it is time to hydrate your face and this will be done with the help of two products. We begin with a serum and top it with a nice layer of moisturizer. Serums are lighter types of moisturizers that penetrate deep in your skin to supply it with topical antioxidants and topical retinols. They are known to create a smoother and firmer appearance of the skin. On top of that, once followed with a moisturizer, serums will act as treatments for wrinkles and pigmentation/redness. On the other hand, moisturizers nourish your healthy cells and prevent any irritation. In fact, proper moisturizing can combat any skin problem that could arise such as breakouts.  

Why use both? Serums are much more concentrated than moisturizers, therefore enhancing their properties. As hydrating as serums can be, they can only draw water to the skin, therefore following with a moisturizer will allow to seal the water in the skin. Check out our following mixes of serums and moisturizers by skin type! P.S: Feel free to mix serums and moisturizers from different pairs (staying within in your skin type) 


Paired serums and moisturizers for dry skin: 

1) Derma E Vitamin A Night Serum with Vitamin E 


(Source: Derma E)  


Derma E Hydrating night cream 


(Source: Derma E) 


2) Earth Science Maximum Hydration Hyaluronic Acid Serum 


(Source : Earth Science) 


Andalou Fruit Stem Cell Night Repair C 


(Source: Andalou) 


3) Derma E Hydrating Serum 


(Source: Derma E)  


 Abeauty Aeterna Nourishing Night Cream 


(Source: Abeauty) 


Paired serums and moisturizers for oily skin: 

1) Ÿum Carrot And Fig Serum For Oily Skin 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


Derma E Even Tone - Brightening Night Cream 


(Source: Derma E) 


2) Acure CGF Oil Free Serum


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


Avalon Organics Ultimate Night Cream Lavender 


(Source: Avalon Organics) 


3) Andalou Willow Bark Pure Pore Serum 


(Source: Andalou) 


Acure Brightening night cream 


(Source: Camomile Beauty) 


STEP 5: Get your beauty sleep

Finally, believe it or not, the best way to wake up with glowing skin is to exercise healthy habits such as getting a good night of sleep. Unfortunately, having an improper sleeping schedule could generate an increase of stress hormones which in return can cause the increase in skin conditions such as acne. Thus, after a long day reward yourself with a good night of sleep and, we promise, your skin will thank you! 


To summarize it all, here are the simple and easy steps for your wonderful nighttime detox: 

Step 1: Clean your face. This step can be done using one or two products. You may simply use a good cleanser every night to fully cleanse your face from all the impurities it faced during the day. Or, you may alternate by steaming your face and following with an exfoliator that will gently remove all dead skin cell and unglog your pores (1-3x a week max).  

For better result, we recommend alternating between both products.  

Step 2: After bringing your face to a vulnerable state and opening your pores, it will be important to close them and hydrate with the help of a mask. Applying the right mask will also eliminate any excess oils and firm the skin. Note that, this step is to be done only 1-3x a week. 

Step 3: With the help a cotton tad, reusable tad or your hands gently swipe toner droplets to your face and neck. This step will rebalance your skin to the proper pH level it requires to absorb all the hydration it requires. 

Step 4: Serums and moisturizers are your ultimate skin warrior! Apply one after the other. 

Beginning with a serum will not only firm and smooth the appearance of your skin but will act as treatment for wrinkles and pigmentation/redness once followed by a moisturizer. Finally, applying a good layer of moisturizer after your serum, will nourish your skin and prevent any irritation. 

Step 5: Get your beauty sleep! It is no secret that healthy habits are the best way generate healthy looking skin because you are yourself healthy, therefore it will show exteriorly as well.  




Here you have it! A full day and night routine for a proper detox! 

To some of you this may seem like a lot of steps, while for others this is a regular week regimen. Secret is… there are no perfect formula to get your skin to the state you desire. However, proper care is the only way to achieve the healthy-looking skin. For those who seem a bit overwhelmed at the number of steps, worry not. You may want to start by only adding some steps to your current routine until you feel comfortable to complete them entirely. It is way less time-consuming than you probably believe and we promise at the end you will even learn to love giving yourself that extra care. 

On the other hand, for those whose routine seem very similar to our detox, we congratulate you! You are doing absolutely everything you need to help your skin look its absolute best. Occasionally, you may still have a pimple, here or there, appear or worse a full breakout and that is completely normal. Your skin endures harsh conditions, thus reacts to it accordingly. Do not let go of your regimen and we promise it will be back to its radiance in no time! 


We hope this full week detox routine has taught you and inspired you. We truly encourage you to love your skin no matter what and use this detox as a self-care routine. A good excuse to just give you some extra love during your busy week! 


With Love and Positivity.

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