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Save or Invest? Skincare edition

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Written by Christina Storto on 2018/07/26

As a beauty junkie, skincare is an important part of my life and after years of experimenting with different skincare brands and basically becoming a skincare mixologist, I understand the cost to achieve great skin and sometimes, the cost is extremely expensive. While there is not better feeling (for me) than buying, unwrapping and applying expensive skincare products, it is impossible not to ask the question: Is it really worth the high price tag?  I've learned that skincare does not always need to break the bank. It's really just about knowing when to reach for the formulas with heavy-hitting ingredients that I know will work and that bring about results and where exactly to save or invest in our beauty routines.

Acure coconut argan oil wipes



Cleansing wipes, Micellular waters and makeup removers are an easy SAVE. These are used to remove makeup, if you follow up with a cleanser that means it won't be staying on your face. If you use even one makeup wipe per day, the cost can add up fast. Just imagine if you have to restock pricey wipes on a monthly basis. Stick to affordable cleansing towelettes!


 Derma E Hydrating mist








Spending lots of your hard-earned money on mineral-rich water? That’s what we thought. Nothing against face mists (in fact, we’re huge fans of them), but they’re a perfect place to spend a little less on your routine. If your goal is dewy, radiant-looking skin, a few spritzes of a wallet-friendly option will do the trick.



Avalon Vitamin C Balancing toner







I use toners when my skin is feeling a bit more congested and to ensure my face is deeply clean. There are some great toners out there with salicylic acid, vitamin E and C, AHA's and BHA's that can be soothing, purifying, brightening and exfoliating and you can truly find some great ones at a moderate price point. With that said, I wouldn't invest in an expensive toner.


Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Gel






Here’s the deal, I’ve never found a pricey cleanser worthy of its price tag. Sometimes a basic, gentle cleanser is really all your skin needs. Why? Because they cleanse just as well as their pricier counterparts. Cleansers are designed to remove dirt and impurities- to keep your face clean. They don’t need to possess qualities that prevent aging or wrinkles leave that work to other skincare products. If you love it, buy it, if it works regardless of the price tag go ahead and get it if it is doing the right job for your skin. The most important thing with a cleanser is that it cleanses without leaving your  skin too tight and dry, is effective and not too harsh.




You can truly find great day creams at a great price! Your skin does most of the work at nighttime so spending money on a high quality night cream is more important than buying an expensive day cream. The ingredients do not need to be as concentrated during the day time. Look for a basic formula free of silicone's and petroleum as not to clog your pores and one that will target what you overall need throughout the day whether it be keeping your skin hydrated or oil-free.




This is where you want invest your money on. Serums are going to perform above and beyond a lot of your regular skincare. They are developed with a higher concentration of active ingredients and are the most powerful and concentrated products on the market to and are superior at penetrating the deeper layers of the skin. Serums allow you to pinpoint and target specific concerns, so you can cater to your individual skincare needs. No other products treat issues as well as serums. Nor can any other product sink into your skin as deeply. Their molecular concentration is different than a cream's consistency, so they're able to penetrate the skin better and deeper.

Mad Hippie Vitamin A serum  Honua Aloha Youth Serum


Nighttime is the time to regenerate, heal, and soothe, especially since you're lying still. You'll want to look for a formula that contains vitamins E and C to hydrate and brighten the skin, a silk peptide to help build collagen and, a retinoid to help the exfoliation process so your pores and skin stays clear. The best anti-aging moisturizers are packed with powerful ingredients, ones that you’ll want to be of the very best quality, which often requires spending more money.

Weleda night cream Aeterna Nourishing Night cream

Yum skincare Resveratrol Pumpkin Sensi-Peel



Invest in a high quality, gentle exfoliant. Keyword: gentle. None of that apricot business from the drug store. Large granules are abrasive and can damage your delicate skin. So look for fine granules, beads or my favorite type as of late: powder exfoliants. They are made of finely milled rice, corn, and peas and are activated with water. Bonus? They are great to travel with. Exfoliating can also be done with chemicals like AHAs and BHAs. Find whats right for you!


Blue Beautifly Illuminating Mud Mask Powder




So, masks can go both ways. There are tons of masks on the market that target certain things, be it a moisturizing mask or a detoxifying mask. You can find great clay and charcoal masks at an affordable price that will help draw out impurities and clear up any skin congestion but if you want something a bit more heavy duty like a regenerating, exfoliating or brightening mask it may be better to check out ones that have a higher concentration of active ingredients.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream




Take a look at the skin around your eyes and take a note of your biggest concern. Is it dryness?

Puffiness? Dark circles? Or wrinkles?

If hydration and puffiness is your main concern than save your money because you can find great affordable eye creams with vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Cucumber extract, Shea butter and avocado oil to really hydrate and depuff. If you concern is towards dark circles and wrinkles, I recommend researching and spending a bit more on a well-formulated eye cream with ingredients like vitamin C and peptides to help brighten and keep crows feet at bay.





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  • Très bien expliqué..cela répond à beaucoup de questions. Merci Christina !

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